The Chimera​s Library

Main Entrance

Greetings. Welcome to The Chimeras Library.

We are a mixed-origin multiple system of nonhumans that go by the collective name of House of Chimeras.
This place is our library. Here you will find our collection of our writings and other materials we have created and curated over the years. This is not a very large library, you will not find everything here, but it is our hope this place will still be of use to those who visit.
Some material here is about our own experiences, and some are about the communities that have touched our lives. Feel free to look around.

Latest Website Update :

 2024 March 31
- Updated "Symbols Found In The Alterhuman Communities."
- Updated "A Deeper Look Into Cladotherianthropy." 
- Added 4 Spanish translations of our projects found in Nohuman Articles. Translated by the alterhuman aike.


Before anyone tries e to play "armchair psychologist" understand that:
     (1) We have, at present, talked with five separate psychologists over the span of over a decade. Each have separately concluded:
          (a) Our existence (as far as our multiplicity and nonhumanity) as it stands today does not meet criteria for any disorder,
          (b) That our state as it is today does not constitute any clinically significant dysfunction to us socially, occupationally, or any other important areas of functioning,
          (c) That just because our experiences are deviant from the norm does not constitute concern on its own, and
          (d) Any attempts to put an end to this state of ours would likely cause (or has in the past caused) a great deal of distress or impairment in our ability to function. 
     (2) You (the reader) are not one of the various mental health professionals we have talked to one-on-one at various points in our life. Thereby,
          (a) You do not know all the details of our state of being as it currently stands,
          (b) You do not know the details of our history related our state of being, nor
          (c) Are you in a position to accurately “diagnose us” over the internet.

All of this means: Your internet opinion does not trump what real-life mental health professionals have said to us in a mental healthcare provider to patient setting. We don't care if you don’t like their conclusions. We don't care if you don't like the way we exist. Anyone trying to claim they know more about our own experiences than we do will be ignored as the internet garbage that it is.