The Chimera​s Library


Date Last Updated: 10 December 2022

The following is a list of members of our system who people outside our system are the most likely to interact with. What is below is far from a complete list of everyone in our system. The list only consists of some of the more common fronters.

- What is Fronting The act of a member of a system taking active control of the body is called fronting. While in control of the body the person fronting is able to control all the actions of the body, including movement and communication. The act of changing who is fronting is called switching. When two or more members of a system are actively controlling the physical body at the same time, it is called co-fronting.

- Body Use Levels  Controlling our physical body is a normal part of our multiple system's daily life though not everyone in our system fronts. Some people front all the time, some people rarely front, and some people don’t ever front at all. How much any person fronts has varied over time and lots of us have altered how often we front due any number of factors. (Reasons people have decreased how often they front includes: loss of interest in fronting, trauma, daily life requiring skill sets they don't excelled in or have interest in, and so on. Reasons people have increased how often they front includes: something has caught their interest that requires them to front more, daily life requiring skills they are proficient in, and so on.) 

Below is a list of those who front the most in system. (The timeframes given below are more generalizations rather than defined categories.)