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NonFiction Section - Our Personal Nonhumanity Essays

Our Collective Nonhumanity

"A Brief Introduction to Overall Nonhuman State of Being"
PDF. Last Updated: 24 September 2022.
A summary of our personal nonhumanity and some information about our essays. Meant to be an intro to the other "Collective Nonhumanity" essays.

"Our Lack of An Awakening & Our Nonhumanity in Childhood"
PDF. Last Updated: 24 September 2022.
A breakdown of our collective experiences during our childhood that we connect to our nonhumanity as we know it today.

"Finding The Therianthrope & Other Communities"
PDF. Last Updated: 24 September 2022.
Our journey of discovering there were other people like us and then finding the were/therian community (and through it the otherkin community).

Our Individual Nonhumanity

"Fangs, Flesh, and Flight" by Black As Coal | Ebony  
PDF. Last Updated: 1 September 2022 
This essay shares some of Ebony's experiences as a thestral fictionkin / fictherian.   

"Way Of This Werewolf" by Cavern-Risen 
Cavern-Risen shares her experiences as a werewolf / garou fictionkin. 

"An Antlered Doe Among All Deer" by Leaps-Highest | Pantairin 
PDF. Last Updated: 1 October 2022 
An essay in which Leaps-Highest shares her experiences as an antlered doe and cervine (deer) cladotherian.    

"Comparing One Name To The Named" by Mistling | Miushra 
Miushra describes her experiences of being a Named fictionkin / fictherian, having once only thought she was a therian.    

"From The Deep Blue Sea" by Ocean Watcher 
Ocean Watcher goes into detail about what it is like to be a frilled shark & blue sea slug polytherian as well as being a character specific fictionkin. 

"What Being A Phytanthrope Is To Me" by Southern Roots | Darahagh  
PDF. Last Updated: February 2022. 
A through breakdown of Darahagh's experiences as a southern live oak phytanthrope.    

To Be Unicorn” by White-As-Milk | Galatea 
PDF. Last Updated: 15 October 2022 
Galatea describes her experiences as a unicorn / unicorn theriomythic.  

Other Personal Essays Regarding Our Nonhumanity

"You're Never Too Old To Realize You're Fictionkin" by Sky Singer
PDF. Last Updated: 1 October 2022
An essay in which Sky Singer explains how the communities used to treat people discovering new theriotypes and how people used to treat fictionkin prior to ~2015, and how witnessing these two things made him, Earth Listener, and Ocean Watcher anxious to come out about being fictionkin themselves when they discovered they had fictotypes in September of 2022.