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Nonhumanity Spectrum Tool  Beta

 Version 1.0. Created 24 December 2021.
Note: This project is NOT meant to be a definitive anything. If people find it useful to visually note some aspects of their experiences or just find it something amusing to fill out, awesome. However, this diagram and the categories we chose should not be considered definitive experiences regarding nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy. 

The Nonhuman Spectrum Tool is based on the concept that nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy is not the same for everyone. Everyone experiences certain things to varying degrees. An old saying in the therian community has been: “Ask 10 weres (therians) what therianthropy is, and you’ll get 11 answers.” This sentiment is true for not only therians but also otherkin and those who consider themselves nonhuman but don't use the label therian or otherkin.
The Nonhuman Spectrum Tool was designed to be an easy-to-use visual representation of some of the more common aspects of nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy. This diagram will not cover all experiences that nonhumans/otherkin/therians have, but it does aim to try to note some of the more common aspects of these experiences.
Using the Nonhuman Spectrum Tool is simple. Color in however many bars best match your personal experiences. The last box has been intentionally left blank on purpose, as to allow you to fill in an experience not covered in the other categories that is a part of your personal nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy. Also, feel free to remove and rename categories to something else if any listed category is totally irrelevant to your experiences but other experiences not listed are relevant to you. 
Due to the variation for people with more than one species/kintype(s)/theriotypes(s) feel welcome to make more than one diagram for each of them.  

Download and Color in Your Own:

Nonhumanity: How nonhuman do you feel as opposed to human? Do you see yourself as 100% nonhuman or only partially nonhuman? The more bars, the more you feel nonhuman.
Humanity: How connected do you feel towards humanity? Do you feel yourself to be human at all? Do you identify as human at all? The more bars, the more you feel human.  
Phantom Limbs: Do you experience supernumerary phantom limbs or a phantom body of your kintype(s)/theriotype(s)/species you identify as? Are they vivid and/or frequent? The more bars, the more phantom limbs play a part in your experiences.
I nstincts: How strong are your nonhuman instincts? Do you have to struggle to keep yourself from acting out in anyway sometimes? How much does your instincts impact your daily life? The more bars, the stronger role nonhuman instincts play in your day to day life as a nonhuman/otherkin/therian.
Shifting: Do you shift (or are your experiences more constant)? Does any form of shifting have a role in your personal nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy? The more bars, the more shifting you experience and the less bars the less shifting you experience. 
Species Dysphoria: Do you experience species dysphoria? Do you feel discontent, discomfort, restlessness, dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety, and/or unease associated with the feeling that one's body is of the wrong species or there is otherwise some form of mismatch between one’s biological species and species identity? The more bars, the more severe your species dysphoria.

Species Euphoria: Do you experience species euphoria? Do you feel a sense of joy or comfort when you acknowledge or affirm your own species/kintype(s)/theriotype(s)? How strongly do you feel euphoric when people acknowledge or affirm your experiences? Do you feel comfortable in your own skin when you can express your nonhuman instincts? The more bars, the more strongly you feel species euphoria.
Spiritual Influence: How much does your nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy influence your spirituality? How relevant is spirituality to your nonhumanity? Do you believe the cause of your experience is caused by something spiritual? The more bars, the more closely tied spirituality is to your personal nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy.
Psychological/Neurological Influence: Do you feel your nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy is tied into something psychological or neurological? Do you feel your experiences are caused by psychological factors?  Are your experiences compounded by any neurodiversity you have? The more bars, the more closely tied to psychology/neurological is tied to your nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy.
Pride: Do you feel any pride regarding your nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy? Do you feel any level of self-affirmation regarding your nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy? Do you feel the need to spread awareness and acceptance about your experiences or those like it to others? The more bars, the more pride you experience with our nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy.
Expression: Do you own anything that reflects or references your nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy? Do you wear anything that references your experiences? Have any body modifications that reflects your nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy? Have any decorations or other items in your living space that references it? The more bars, the more extensive your physical expression is.
…: This field is left blank on purpose. Fill in this space with something related to your own individual personal experience that hasn’t already been covered.

Having Trouble On What The Blank Field Could Be (or feel like some of categories above are just too irrelevant for you)? 
Here Are a Few Ideas:

Level of Separation: Do you experience any distinction between your species/kintype(s)/theriotypes(s) and your humanside (if you experience what could be defined as the latter at all)? Is there some level of “on or off” when it comes to your experiences? Do you experience any level of dissociation in regard to your species/kintype(s)/theriotypes(s)? The more bars, the more separation to you feel between you "nonhuman side" and your "human side."

Plural Interaction: Do you feel that any experience with plurality that you have has ties to your nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy or visa versa? The more bars, the more you feel plurality plays a part in your nonhumanity in some way.
Sapience:  Some people experience their species/kintype(s)/theriotypes(s) ranging from entirely animalistic to being creatures that are entirely sapient. The more bars, the more sapient your species/kintype(s)/theriotypes(s) are. 

Past-Life Memories: Do you have past-life memories? Do they have a strong impact on your nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy? Are they extensive? The more bars, the more past-life memories play a role in your experiences.
Noemata: Does your nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy come with any experiences with neomata? Do you have knowledge about your species/kintype(s)/theriotypes(s) that you just know? The more bars, the more noemata is tied to your experiences.
Furry Influence: How much does your nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy influence your interest in the furry fandom? Is your fursona basically your species/kintype(s)/theriotypes(s)? Does your interest in the furry fandom come from a place and finding an outlet for your experiences? The more bars, the more closely tied your interest in the furry fandom is to your personal nonhumanity/otherkinity/therianthropy.