The Chimera​s Library

Nonfiction Section - Plural Information

This section consists of nonfiction books, documents, essays, and other written materials by us about the plural communities that have touched our lives and we interact in. All of them are based on research and are fully cited. Check back occasionally for updated versions!

A Collection of Mentions of Nonhuman and Fiction-Based Members of Plural Systems
PDF. Version 1.0, 1 May 2021. 16 pages.
A collection of mentions from academic and non-academic materiel as well as major mentions within the plural community of members of multiple systems who are either nonhuman or who mirror fictional species or characters.

A Timeline of The Dæmon Community
PDF. Version 2.0, 8 October 2022. 14 pages.
A timeline of events that have taken place, in or related to, the dæmon community. Spans from 1995 to the September 2022.