The Chimera​s Library


Date Last Updated: 10 December 2022

The following is a list of members of our cluster who exist around our physical body on a regular basis. What is below is far from a complete list. of everyone in our system. The list only consists of some of the more common projectors. 

- What is Projectors  Out-of-body experiences are a normal part of our daily life. Our out-of-body experiences can be split into two different categories: one we call "projecting" and other we call "journeying."

Projecting is what we call our out-of-body experiences where our spirit/consciousness projects outside our body and wanders this physical world like a spirit or ghost. We call our out-of-body experiences into the physical world "projection" because the person who is experiencing it is "projecting" their spirit or sense of awareness outside of our body. We see this experience as having to with one (or more) of us leaving our body and roaming as a spirit for a while though still connected to our multiple system. We cannot see this connection, just sense it. Our experiences with projection are somewhat similar to how astral projection is generally described though our physical body remains awake due to someone else in our multiple system being able to take control of the body while others are projecting. The person fronting while others are projecting can “see” and “feel” them (prophantasia).

- Level of Projecting  Out-of-body experiences are a normal part of our daily life. Some people project all the time, some people rarely project, and some people don’t ever project at all. How much any person projects has varied over time and lots of us have altered how often we project due any number of reasons.

Below is a general list of some of the people who project more than others. What is listed below is not a complete list of everyone that projects. Also, the time frames are more generalizations and approximations rather than defined categories.