The Chimera​s Library

Our Sysem Mascot: 
The Chimera of House of Chimeras

Date Last Updated: 15 October 2022

Our system name (the collective name for our group) is House of Chimeras. It's something we chose out of the initial symbolism we found there, and over the years the symbolism and meaning in our system’s name has only grown and deepened as we have discovered more about our system and about the chimera. Along with the name, the Grecian Chimera has become the symbol of our system. A mascot for our group, a fursona for our system (or a "systemsona" if you will), and so on. Below is information about this "character." 

Mascot Reference Sheet 

Art created by Dinocanid. Commissioned by us. (June 2022) Dinocanid's Artconomy & FurAffinity.

Mascot Information

Name: Chi [Pronounced as "ky." Like the "ki-" sound in the word "kite" or the "-ky" sound in the word "sky."] 

Species: Grecian Chimera {Asiatic lion, Boer goat, and emerald tree boa} 

Gender: Nonbinary

Pronouns: They/Them/Their 

Sex: Intersex 

Age: Adult 

Orientation: Demisexual (Asexual or Bisexual) 

Height: Feral Form: 103 centimeters / 1.03 meters / 2.4 feet (height at the shoulders)
Anthro Form: 152 centimeters / 1.5 meters / 5.5 feet (height at the top of the head standing upright) 

Short Image Description: Asiatic lion from waist up, black boer goat from the waist down plus a second goat head on the left shoulder (behind the shoulder is where we usually place the head, but above the shoulder or in front of the shoulder are also possible), and an emerald tree boa for a tail and spine. Lion's head has a very short mane and the goat's head has short horns

Common Clothing & Add-ons - Common: glasses (for each head). If clothed: long-sleeve button-up shirts and jeans 

Positive Traits: accepting, caring, forgiving, helpful, imaginative, inquisitive, orderly, responsible, tolerant 

Negative Traits: absent-minded, anxious, klutzy, indecisive, nosey, obsessive, stubborn, shy 

Detailed Description: 
The Lion
Body Parts: primary head, primary neck, front legs, chest cavity, & higher abdomen 
Animal: Asiatic lion
Coat Color: tan-yellow-gold (Same color as common on real-life lions)
Mane Color: dull orange-brown (Basically similar to real-life lion if a bit more stylized/saturated)
Important Details: mane is very, very short (akin to a juvenile lion)
Eye Color: auburn-red 

The Goat
Body Parts: secondary head (attached on the left shoulder either behind it, above it, or before it), lower abdomen, & back legs 
Animal: boer goat
Coat Color: black to near-black (Same color as normal black goats)
Horn Color: tan-gray (Same color as normal goat horns)
Hoof Color: dull gray (Same color as normal goat horns)
Important Details: Horns are short, and the goat’s beard is very, very short
Eye Color: sky blue 

The Snake
Body Parts: tail, spinal column, third head at the end of the “tail”
Animal: emerald tree boa
Scale Color: dull green (Same color as normal emerald tree boas) with very sparce white markings
Important Details: snake spine ends between the shoulder blades of the lion, & tail length is as long as the chimera’s entire torso
Eye Color: gold-yellow

Personal Mascot Art

Custom statuette put together by us. (2015) Created using parts existing toy figures. (The toy model is not accurate as far as proportions, color, and so on.)

Art created by us. (2016). Flags presented include transgender flag (held by the lion), the nonbinary flag (held by the goat), and genderqueer flag (held by the snake). The chimera and flag poles was drawn in color pencil while the flags are digitally created.

Art created by us. (2018) Personal art depicting our battle with Clinical Depression stylized as a patronus pushing back dementors. Mixed media: water colors, acrylic paint, color pencil, pens, & digital touch-ups.